Monday, September 14, 2009

Rebecca & Henoch's wedding! 9/6/09

Rebecca and Henoch's wedding was in Bethelem, NY over Labor Day weekend, and it was soooo  beautiful. The setting was an old historical plantation, the ceremony in the apple orchard, cocktail hour and later a dessert bar in the old barns on the property, and the reception under a huge white tent in field. The weather was perfect, and Rebecca just radiated beauty! Here are a few pics of the day I stole from Kirk.

Rebecca's wedding flowers

Rebecca wanted  me to make her wedding flower pins, which was so exciting to do because not only have I been missing anything wedding related, but I was honored to be involved in her special event. It was so cool to see her family members rocking the ribbon flowers! Here's a sampling.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here's pics from our Dominican Republic honeymoon . . . random order, I know, but that actually helps give the feeling of being there; no schedules, no clocks, no plans. Just enjoying ourselves and each other in a beautiful place.

The pool bar, one of my favorite "watering holes" . . . if you look closely enough, you'll see K at the bar getting the next round.

Our day trip to Sarona island, me in ridiculously large sunglasses.

A dinner on the beach with live music and dancing!

A typical evening after the sun, before dinner, chilling out on our private porch.

Fresh flowers in our room every day.

Our tour guide, Papa Tito.

One lonely little white cloud . . .

Beach beds!

The massage hut on the beach. Maybe next time we'll endulge.

Did I mention the pool bar?

Our last night there, dressed up and pretty.

Yes, Wal Mart!