Monday, September 14, 2009

Rebecca & Henoch's wedding! 9/6/09

Rebecca and Henoch's wedding was in Bethelem, NY over Labor Day weekend, and it was soooo  beautiful. The setting was an old historical plantation, the ceremony in the apple orchard, cocktail hour and later a dessert bar in the old barns on the property, and the reception under a huge white tent in field. The weather was perfect, and Rebecca just radiated beauty! Here are a few pics of the day I stole from Kirk.


Carol and Dan said...

Dude! That WAS you I saw in the other pics! You were wearing that shimmery top (at least it looks shimmery in the pics.)
Great pictures! Sounds like a very charming wedding!! ....c.

Carol and Dan said...

p.s. Reba looks FAB, of course! :) ........c.

TAITx3 said...

Hi Tracy! I am dying for you to start a new blog so you can post pics and keep us all updated on that beautiful baby of yours.
Are just loving mommyhood?
Hope all is well with you , Kirk, and Violet!!